Nancy Dell'Olio Interview: Sven Was 'Eaten Up With Envy' Of Tony Blair

Sven Was 'Eaten Up With Envy' Of Tony Blair

Dell'Olio waxes lyrical about Tony Blair in the Saturday interview, describing him variously as "extremely attractive", a political visionary "like JFK" and a "genius".

Much to the irritation of her then boyfriend, Sven Goran Eriksson, Dell'Olio was never discreet about her close connection to Blair.

Goran Eriksson ended up being "convinced we were having an affair, and it drove him wild".

He was not the only one to be perturbed by the apparent intimacy between the pair.

“Cherie was jealous of me from the outset. And she couldn’t help showing it”, Dell'Olio confided.

She claims that Cherie's jealousy manifested itself at a charity reception, where Cherie would not allow cameras into No 10 - a move that Dell'Olio sees as an attempt to hinder the event.

“No photographers were allowed – so what was the point of holding a charity fund-raiser at No 10 if no one was allowed to know about it? She had the nerve to come up to me during the party and sneer, 'You must be happy’ and I said, 'No, actually I’m not, but I’ll talk directly with the PM’ .”


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