Josh Butler: The Teenager Who Auctioned Himself On Ebay To Find A Job

Teenager Josh Butler has taken his job search to the next level - advertising himself on eBay for £16,000.

The 18-year-old has put himself up for auction with the title "Josh Butler Wants A Job" and has now received offers for interviews with John Lewis and two call centres. He came up with the innovative idea after financial issues prevented him from going to university.

Despite applying for more than 600 jobs since finishing his A-levels, Butler was not offered a single interview.

“It’s got so desperate that young people like me have to go to these lengths to find work", the Essex-born teen said.

"I’ve worked hard to get good qualifications and work ­experience and applied for every kind of job, but employers keep telling me I need a degree before they’ll consider me", he told a local paper.

Butler, who attended Bancrofts School, Essex, lists himself as "enthusiastic, motivated and organised", and has had experience in public relations, broker trading and at a property auctioneer.

His eBay entry pleads with potential employers to give him a chance to "prove" himself.

Butler's plight highlights the problems experienced by many teenagers who feel they are not offered any other options than university. Children's charity Barnardo's expressed their concerns on Monday over the government "ignoring" 16 to 17-year-olds, leaving them to face unemployment without any support.

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