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Slashing payment "has not worked" says PM but NUS says change of heart "too little too late".
Lower overall costs could be attractive to some learners, government says.
If it is fair to tax future graduates to fund higher education, why is it any less fair to tax those who went to university for free?
Theresa May’s calls for a review on the cost of higher education comes not a moment too soon. University provides many people
The Tories seem to have a problem with the fact that not all of us want to be lawyers, bankers or managers of large companies
May's prospective reforms could be even more of a disaster than the status quo
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Universities Minister Jo Johnson says fast-track degrees will encourage mature learners.
Angela Rayner has poured scorn on Government plans to introduce £11,100-a-year tuition fees for more “accelerated” two-year
The last Autumn Statement gave scant regard to younger generations. Fast forward to the forthcoming Budget and already there
TLDR; Don't let money worries put you off (or pull you out of) a degree. While you're right to be cautious about costs, opening your eyes to the support and strategies on offer will get you further than panic.
The real struggle for students I speak to and those up and down the country is cost of living. Paying for ever rising rents, food and bills that are a necessity when starting life at university. These are the things that matter here and now and the government not addressing this or mentioning maintenance grants at all is the real injustice.
No hiding: MPs will finally have to vote for - or against
A last-ditch move to halt this year’s university tuition fees hike has been launched by Labour in a bid to embarrass Tory
Theresa May is reportedly considering cutting the interest rate of student loans in a bid to win back young voters. The Sunday
August - the political silly season - always produces more heat than light and, over the past few months, universities have attracted a considerable amount of half-baked comment.
We seem to think that our moral duty has been fulfilled once we have ensured all students have the immediate funds required for university. But we also have a responsibility to make sure that no student is disproportionately burdened by the cost of their education later on. Equality of opportunity, yes. But surely equality of the cost of those opportunities is just as important.