14/11/2011 12:37 GMT

Movember Celebrities: From Joey Barton to Stephen Fry (Pictures)

The smashing together of November and moustache has begat Movember, a month which sees menfolk brandishing attempts at facial hair for a charitable cause.

Transformed from fresh-faced fops into grizzled masculine hulks, Movember participants are spoilt for choice.

Facial landscapers can choose from the Fu Manchu (long, downward pointing ends, generally beyond the chin) to the handle bar (bushy, with small upward pointing ends) or even sculpt the powerfully particular pencil moustache (neatly clipped.)

Other facial freestylers merely let nature run its hairy course across their features.

With the spawning of an official site for participants to register their bewhiskered glories, photo diaries of sprouting season can be uploaded to allow supporters to follow their efforts

The registrees, called 'Mo Bros' aim to raise funds and awareness of male-related charities by sacrificing their upper lip for a good cause. Celebrities have come out in support of the campaign, with Stephen Fry tweeting on Sunday night:

"My moustache is in need of fertiliser and growing under glass I feel: #movember"

Take a look at some of the other fine celebrity handlebars below.