These groups are spearheading change when it comes to men's mental health.
Thousands of volunteer mental health groups and projects have sprung up around Britain to meet the need left by cuts
I knew the only way I was going to beat this thing was through the love and support of all my friends, family, and fans
Have the snor that doesn't bore.
It's that time of year again, folks! Each year, Movember is responsible for the suspicious sprouting of many moustaches and beards across the world, all aimed at raising vital awareness and funds to change the face of men's health!
Andropause is a term used by some to describe the age-related changes in testosterone and the effects they may cause. It is not as dramatic and easily defined as the female menopause as the results are gradual, building up over several years and there is still some medical debate as to whether andropause should be considered a 'real' condition.
November always makes me feel like a failure. Not only am I incapable of, and not terribly well disposed towards, growing a moustache to make it a charitable #Movember, but then #NANOWRIMO pokes up its clever, superior little head and makes me feel bad about my attempts to write as well.
For the next four weeks, November is officially known to my girlfriend as the month where she doesn't want to kiss me because of my disgusting moustache and where men worldwide pride themselves on who can grow the most hideous furry top lip known to man aka "Movember".
From this point forward, I will be partnering with Movember UK to bring awareness to all Men's health. The only thing that motivated me to get checked early, and saved me from late-stage cancer, was all my dumb friends growing awful moustaches for what I believed was a half-hearted attempt at being a part of a short-lived fad. Little did I know that terrible facial hair would be a big part of saving my life.
When it came to my junk, I had no idea there were clouds on the horizon.