'Good News' Host Russell Howard Breaks Hand On Set

Bad News For 'Good News' Host Howard

Bad news! Russell Howard breaks his hand on set

Get tweeting your get well wishes to Good News host Russell Howard, folks: the poor chap broke his hand on set last night.

Howard injured himself doing a stunt (it's unclear as to exactly what - though press-ups and a chair may have been involved) during the mystery guest item of the show, which was being recorded at London's Riverside Studios.

The comedian was rushed to A&E, where it was confirmed that he'd broken his hand. Although as series producer Mark Iddon tweeted: "It's his left hand, so, you know... Silver lining."

When asked if Russell would be using a stunt man in future, Iddon replied: "He's a machine. He'll be back in the edit today and begin writing again for next week's show immediately - the hard working SOB!"

At least that's some good news. Which is just what we - and Russell - like to hear. In the meantime, you can write on his virtual cast by sending a tweet with the #getwellsoonruss hashtag. Flowers and grapes optional.


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