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The comedian was only five minutes into his set when he told the fan she’d “ruined” the gig.
The stand-up star told the female fan in the front row “that’s literally the worst thing you can do”.
With junior doctors organising the first all-out strike in the history of the NHS, we thought it would be the perfect time
Applications for gun permits in the US have skyrocketed since the atrocious terror attacks in Paris, and there's been no
Russell Howard has blasted George Osborne for slashing tax credits while simultaneously refusing to ditch VAT on tampons
Russell Howard has launched a scathing - and hilarious - attack on the government over the junior doctors row. Taking the
In which 'Russell Howard's Good News' takes a look at the motivations of Ukip voters... and, perhaps more frighteningly, the
Good news for everyone who enjoyed Russell Howard's original piece on ebola - he's done a follow-up. Check out Good News's