20/11/2011 17:50 GMT

'I'm A Celebrity' Day 7: Ian Smith Joins The Jungle, Things Heat Up Between Emily Scott And Mark Wright, Sinitta Freaks Out AGAIN

Underwear model Emily Scott isn't the only new face in the I'm A Celebrity jungle, Ian Smith, best known for playing Harold Bishop in Neighbours, also joined the show on Sunday night.

The Australian soap star appeared in the jungle to host a game show named Beat the Bugs, which the blue team won. The former Ramsay Street resident will host the game over three nights, but won't remain amongst the celebrities permanently.

Emily, however, is here to stay (at least until she's voted off) and Mark Wright hasn't wasted any time in getting to know her.

Just as producers had hoped, flirting between the good looking pair is already heating up.

In Sunday's episode Mark used perhaps one of his worst Essex chat-up lines, "do you like eating balls?", to which Emily replied "all the time". Maybe that sort of line works in the jungle?

While flirting in the pool she said to Mark: "You're not bad eye candy." Mark later told her she was his pin-up girl, he said: "I used to fancy you back in the day when I was young. You used to do magazines right, Zoo, FHM? They were my perving years when I used to buy all those magazines when I was about 19." Charming.

Talking about the decision to bring the Australian beauty into the jungle, I'm A Celebrity presenter Ant said: "That bus ticket was worth every cent."

Also in Sunday's episode the public once again saw squeamish Sinitta carry out Bushtucker trials. First up was the Hellevator. Screaming every 40 seconds, she failed miserably and ended up shouting "I'm a celebrity get me out of here".

As she was let out of the cage she said: "It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life." Campmate Jessica-Jane said: "I don't think I've ever met someone as scared as Sinitta."

And that is exactly why the public keep voting for her. Moving on to her second trial of the night called "Horrords" (a shopping trial) Sinitta reminded us of Gillian McKeith and her Bushtucker trial trauma last year - minus the fainting.

Sinitta repeatedly passed on tasks, ran away from things and generally screamed at everything, but her campmates cheered her on and she managed to pick up a few stars. Will this be her last Bushtucker trial? Not while she keeps providing such entertainment.

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