24/11/2011 07:41 GMT | Updated 24/11/2011 10:21 GMT

Investigation After Wrong Twin Aborted In Australia At 32 Weeks

An investigation is under way in Australia after doctors accidentally aborted a healthy 32-week foetus in a botched procedure.

The woman, who was pregnant with twin boys, chose to have one of her twins aborted after doctors discovered he had a life-threatening congenital heart defect.

However, doctors failed to terminate the sick foetus and injected the healthy twin instead.

Tragically, the doctor's blunder meant that the woman had to undergo a three-hour emergency caesarean to deliver the sick foetus, where it was later terminated.

Calling the incident a "terrible tragedy", The Royal Women's Hospital confirmed the accident. "We are conducting a full investigation and continue to offer the family and affected staff every support."

Australian Health Minister David Davis has promised a full investigation will take place to look into how the incorrect termination had happened.

"I am very much determined to get to the bottom of what went wrong," he said.