Funny Felines In Musical Cat Calendar: Cat Got Your Drum? (Pictures)

Mew-sical Mogs: You've Got To Be Kitten Me!

The cat's out of the bag on this one. For those bored of moggies merely eating sleeping (and purring) this calendar casts cats in whole mew light.

The eerily anthropomorphic pictures were achieved using real pet cats. The images were then digitally altered to display these musi-cats in an otherwise im-paw-ssible light.

The supurrior shots were taken to produce a cat calendar for the new year: an ideal gift from Santa Claws perhaps?

With seductive green eyes staring at the camera, its easy to imagine the ribald tunes the cats are playing. Backgrounds range from the sensuous red light of a jazz club to the fashionable loft studio of a guitarist’s apartment. Next these cats will be recording a whole album at Tabbey Road.

"The cats were actually two pets belonging to my friend. We are very experienced shooting with cats and they are usually handled by their owners, so we make sure they are not over worked at all. I think the whole shoot took less than two hours including breaks." said Steve Bicknell of Maverick Arts.

The £9.99 calendar is available in high street shops and from


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