29/11/2011 09:18 GMT | Updated 28/01/2012 10:12 GMT

Female Gamers 'Have More Sex Than Non-Gamers'

Female gamers have more sex, are happier and more sociable than non-gaming women, a study has claimed.

The findings are the polar opposite to the commonly held "nerdy" view of people who play video games.

According to a Harris Interactive survey of 2,000 adults, 55% of online gamers are women and 45% are men.

41% of women say they socialise with at least one person a day compared to just 31% of non-gamers.

And most significantly 38% have sex at least once a week - non-gaming women are less sexually active, at just 34%.

The study was commissioned by gaming site GameHouse.

Its chief gamer, Matt Hulett, said of the survey: "Maybe if we all watched a little less TV and played more games online, we'd all be having a little more sex."