VIDEO: Woman Reveals Cement Cheek Implants After Falling Victim To 'Fake Doctor' Oneal Ron Morris

This shocking video reveals the swollen, lumpy cheeks of transsexual Rajee Narinesingh, who claims her disfigured face is down to the work of fake doctor, Oneal Ron Morris.

Morris recently hit the headlines for performing illegal cosmetic procedures after he allegedly injected a woman's bottom with a toxic mix of cement, paraffin and tyre sealant then sealed her wounds with superglue.

Rajee, 48, claims she received a backstreet cosmetic procedure from a transsexual woman believed to be Morris. She said she turned to Morris because she was desperate to look more like a woman but didn't have the funds to pay for a licensed surgeon.

Although she later paid the price for going to a rogue surgeon, Rajee says the severe facial disfigurement you see here was originally a lot worse and that she's had to have several surgery procedures to try and repair the damage.

"I had to end up going to surgery to get me even to this point," Rajee told CBS Miami.

Morris was arrested after a patient came forward following a trip to her unlicensed, backstreet beauty salon. Morris was released on bail and is being investigated after four other victims surfaced.

"I have learned my lesson. I could have died, I know that now," says Rajee.