07/12/2011 10:27 GMT | Updated 07/12/2011 10:30 GMT

Date With's 'Virgin Mary' Heather Seychelle Deemed 'Adult Content' By Ebay is a dating website for good-looking people only.

But that doesn't mean they aren't interested in raising money for charity, with the LA-based site offering up a date with one of its users to raise cash for Christian Aid.

Showed in revealing attire posing next to her "Joseph" - actually 23-year-old model Dorion Renaud - Heather Seychelle, 25, attracted a lot of attention when her photo was posted onto eBay with the chance to donate for a date.

The problem being, eBay didn't approve, pulling the post and forcing to perform the auction on their own site.

"I'm a single girl and I joined the website to find love, so I hope I meet a nice boy," said Seychelle. "It's crazy that eBay got rid of our auction on their site. The money is for charity."

Hmm. Could this be a PR stunt? Things begin to become a little bit more suspicious when it emerges that ChristianAid want to have nothing to do with

'We were certainly not informed that it was taking place and had not agreed to be a beneficiary," Anne Phipps, ChristianAid's head of fundraising said. "We thoroughly object to our name being used in connection with a stunt of this nature and will not accept any of the money that it may raise."

Then again,'s Greg Hodge is keen to point out a few things in their defence.

"It's not like we were the first to auction a date on eBay. Scarlett Johansson auctioned herself on the site for Oxfam," said Hodge. "I'm also not sure how our posting is adult content. Everyone is dressed and although Mary is busty, she has just given birth to Jesus."

Err... that might not be the best argument ever there Greg. Still, nice try!