Ilir Nazmi Kumbaro, Former Albanian Intelligence Chief, On The Run In Britain

A nationwide manhunt is underway in Britain for the former Albanian intelligence chief who is wanted for torture and kidnapping in his homeland.

Ilir Nazmi Kumbaro, 58, was due to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court for an extradition hearing on 1 December. However he failed to turn up.

DS Pete Rance of the Met's Extradition Unit said: "We believe that Ilir Kumbaro has not fled the UK but has in all likelihood left London and is being harboured by friends.

"Although he does not pose a threat to members of the public, he is wanted in Albania where he faces charges of kidnap and torture. One of his alleged victims, a father-of-five, has not been seen alive since 1995.

"The seriousness of his alleged crimes is the reason we want to find him. This is a high profile international investigation that has involved public expense in the UK. It is only right that we seek to arrest Ilir Kumbaro and put him back before the court that, in good faith, had entrusted him with bail."

Kumbaro claimed asylum in the UK in 1996 by posing as a Kosovan refugee.