I'm about to tell you something very embarrassing but I'm only telling you on the basis you've probably done something similarly desperate before. When I was 15, struggling with my sexuality and obsessed with the Sugababes, I fell head over heels with a girl.
Of course, MEPs like Pons are not making life difficult out of pure spite. With the independence movement in Catalonia gaining ground, no Spanish politician outside of Barcelona is ever going to come out in support of Scottish independence, let alone Scotland's separate entry into the European Union. To the people of Scotland, though, that comes as little solace: they might not have voted for Brexit, but they'll likely have to pay the heaviest price.
Imagine a member of the Labour benches releasing tear gas in the Commons. That's the state of politics in Kosovo, where members
In July I met with women in Bosnia and Herzegovina who, even twenty years after peace, are still living in a war - unable to escape the constant reminders of the conflict and forced to relive trauma on an almost daily basis. Not knowing what happened to their loved ones and unable to come to terms with the abuse they suffered or any hope of justice or redress.
Germany has received 11 times more asylum applications than the United Kingdom so far this year, the latest figures from
Video emerged on Tuesday of the moment Kosovo's Prime Minister was pelted with eggs by several MPs in Parliament. Isa Mustafa
The Devil Couldn't Break Me,' a book by Laura Aslan, published by Andrews UK, tells of the personal horrors the young woman suffered at the hands of two sides during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.
In the centre of Prishtina, Kosovo's main city, there is a wide pedestrian boulevard parallel with the bustling lines of cars on Agim Ramadani street, where people promenade. It has the languor of a small Mediterranean town on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It is lined this time of year with strawberries piled high.
In Brussels, on 26 March 2014, President Obama lied about a referendum being held in Kosovo prior to its secession from Serbia in February 2008. He was trying to justify US support for Kosovo's secession from Serbia at that time, while condemning Russia for supporting Crimea's secession from Ukraine today...
Question: Why was it permissible for the US and most EU states to recognise Kosovo as an independent state in 2008 (contrary to the wishes of Serbia) but, according to these states, it is not permissible for Russia to recognise Crimea as an independent state in 2014 (contrary to the wishes of Ukraine)?