08/12/2011 13:46 GMT

David And Samantha Cameron's £64,000 Downing Street Refurb

David Cameron has been forced to reveal the details of the £64,000 revamp of his family's Downing Street flat.

When the prime minister moved his family from Notting Hill to Westminster he and his wife Samantha wanted to update the decor of the flat.

The changes include the instillation of a £25,000 kitchen, a £1,431 'Fancy Nacy' sofa and new £70 per square meter walnut flooring.

The Daily Mail revealed the details after obtaining a copy of the breakdown of information handed to the Information Commissioner.

The commissioner had demanded to see details of the changes made to the historic home.

Like the Blairs, the Camerons live in the flat above Number 11 Downing Street rather than Number 10, as it is larger and more easily able to accommodate a family.

The cost of the refurb was paid out of the official £30,000 annual maintenance budget while the rest came from the prime minister's pocket.

The Camerons also bought a Rancilio coffee machine (£500), Jamie Oliver brand saucepans (£43 each) and a two-slice toaster (£130).