09/12/2011 17:56 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hendrick's Launches Most Unusual 13th Day Of Christmas Window

Fed up with shops that think a handful of fake snow and a drizzle of threadbare tinsel qualifies as a Christmas window? Then you should definitely take a window shopping trip to Jeroboam's in Belgravia where Hendrick's Gin are hosting their Most Unusual 13th Day of Christmas display.

The gin brand has joined forces with painter Matthew Killick, assembling a diverse team of artists to interpret the classic James Halliwell carol The Twelve Days of Christmas and to raise the possibility of a thirteenth day set aside for your true love's gift giving efforts.

To enjoy the full range of work you'll need to pop down to Jeroboam's - or, if you're north of the border, to Peckham's in Edinburgh - in person but here's the full list of curiosities for you to ponder as well as a selection of close-ups...

12. Wild haggis drumming their bongos - Little Theatre of Dolls
11. Devilishly merry jazz bagpipe dancers - Matthew Killick
10. Sleazy lords aboard a carousel - Magnus Irvin
9. Painted Lady butterflies transforming into sexy showgirls - Little Theatre of Dolls
8. Pictures of a lady breastfeeding her 'baby' - Samantha Sweeting
7. Origami swans-a-swimming - Matthew Killick
6. Prime geezers, laying in a bed of brine - Natty Bo
5. Gooooooooooold rings - Hannah Martin
4. Curious crow babies - Matthew Killick
3. French delicacies - Matthew Killick
2. Turtledoves (or more accurately, a taxidermy turtle/dove hybrid) - Matthew Killick
1. Partridge in a cucumber bush - Sophie Turner

Click on the gallery below for some close-up pictures: