10/12/2011 21:29 GMT

Opinon Polls On Cameron's EU Veto Are In - And Most Brits Back The PM

A majority of voters back David Cameron's use of Britain's veto at the European Council, according to a poll.

Despite rows at Westminster over the decision, the Prime Minister has the support of 62% of the public, the Survation research for The Mail on Sunday found.

Only 19% said Mr Cameron was wrong to use the veto. Just over half - 51% - said the Prime Minister had done well at the Brussels summit.

The poll also indicated that eurosceptic Tory demands for a referendum on Britain's relationship with the EU were well supported in the country, with 66% backing the idea and 22% opposing it.

Almost half - 48% - said the UK should quit the EU, compared with 33% who said it should remain a member. And 66% said Britain should renegotiate its relationship with Brussels, compared with 22% who said it should not.

:: Survation interviewed 1,020 people online on Friday evening and Saturday.