Beauty Cheats You Need To Know For The Party Season

Beauty Cheats You Need To Know For The Party Season

If the thought of getting ready for yet another Christmas party makes you want to head straight for the sofa in your pyjamas, these beauty cheats might be enough to inspire you to put your festive frock back on.

Photos: Nars, St Tropez, Soap & Glory

From fake tan to teeth-whitening toothpaste, take a look below see our top ten tricks to save you time and money during the party season.

For more beaty cheat advice, we asked St Tropez's Skin Finishing Expert Nichola Joss how to apply self tan without looking too tangoed. If there's one chat that you don't want to rush, it's this. Here are her top tips:

• Do all hair removal, exfoliating scrub and moisturising the morning of the day you want to tan.

• Skin that has been prepped correctly will make a better canvas for tanning, allow the tan to go on more evenly and fade more naturally.

• When applying the tan, it's crucial to use a mitt for application; this makes the product go on ultra-smoothly and evenly, and also assures you have an even, fine coverage that can be built up if you require a deeper colour. The mitt buffs the tanning product into the skin beautifully and easily allowing you to tan and go.

• Always start from the ankles moving up the body, arms moving inwards, gently massage with the mitt around the body, concentrating on those tricky areas last, i.e. feet hands wrists neck and face

• When you get to these areas use what self-tan is already on the mitt, this will be enough product to give you that fine coverage for tricky areas.

• Leave to dry for 10 minutes then go to bed. In the morning when you shower off the guide colour the tan will have developed underneath to give you a beautiful even golden glow.


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