Fenton/Benton To Take On X Factor And Simon Cowell For Christmas Number One (Video)

Fenton/Benton To Take On X Factor For Christmas Number One (Video)

Benton/Fenton is preparing to take on Simon Cowell and X Factor with a festive bid for Christmas number one.

"I like nice obedient dogs" state the clipped tones of an English voice, dubbed over bouncy synthesised beats. Of course FENTTOOOONNNNN can also be heard, interspersed with "Jesus Christ!" and expertly-timed barks.

The not-for-profit single by The Hoxtons is the latest spin-off from the viral dog of the year. Benton/Fenton (Jesus Christ!) was filmed chasing deer across Richmond park last month, since when he has been talked, blogged and posted about.

Layer upon layer of viral reinvention, Fenton/Benton is the viral dog that keeps on giving. Jurassic Fenton, Braveheart Benton/Fenton and even Chariots of Fenton, with Benton/Fenton disturbing the runners on St Andrews beach.

Apart from the necessary Downfall parody (Benton/Fenton is missing - Hitler finds out! Jesus Christ!) there's also Jesus Christ in the Lion King, Fenton the dog in Star Wars, Jesus Christ in Jumanji, and Fenton helping Usain Bolt run faster.

Fenton/Benton T-shirts are for sale in a variety of shades and styles. At the moment the original video has over 2 million views, with reposts and duplicates meaning millions more have watched it. Spontaneous and genuine, Fenton/Benton and his enraged owner has to be the viral video of the year. Take a look at ten of the best viral Fenton/Benton videos below.


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