Police Stations Broken Into: Bobbies Burgled In Midlands Crime Wave

Police Stations Broken Into: Bobbies Burgled For Biscuits

Police stations are being broken into across the Midlands with brazen bandits taking biscuits (Digestives), bikes and even uniforms from beneath bobbies’ noses.

Laptops, hair straighteners and police cars have also been targeted in a spate of police robberies, with over 76 thefts occuring at cop shops across the region.

Staffordshire police fared particularly badly in the face of forward filchers, with 46 thefts occuring in the region. Handbags, money and 12 Sat Nav systems were among the things stolen from the officers.

Police cars were stripped, criminals even taking wheel trims, lights and a catalytic converter. A breathalyser was also pinched by one strangely safety-conscious pilfer.

The burgled biscuits were snitched from Leicestershire Police while crooks nicked car clamps from officers in Gloucestershire.

The numbers were released in response to a Freedom of Information request from the Sunday Mercury.

The thefts and break-ins have cost taxpayers up to £10,000.


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