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Top Four Potential Habitable Worlds

Top Four Potential Habitable Worlds
Potential New Earths
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If not here, then where? Where would you live? Not the postcode, the planet.

The planetary habitability laboratory has the answers, having perused the available options and listing all known planets from most to least habitable.

Earth, our dear old mother planet, is still up there at number one, while the snappily titled KOI 736.01 takes second place.

Catchy earth-like planets in the top five incLude KOI 494.01, KOI 784.01, then KOI 610. 01. There's a theme - we've clearly run out of gods and goddesses to name planets after, so these lonely exoplanets get a series of letters and numbers alone to identify them.

Over 2000 exoplanets have been detected so far, and the list of potential habitable exoplanets currently sits at at 16.

The survey is assembled by scientists a the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo. These guys and girls are currently counting down the days until AbSciCon, the Astrobiology conference. Who knows what further habitable planets they could announce at that huge exo-fetishist's get together?

Last week, Kepler 22b was announced, otherwise known as Earth 2.0 or more loosely earth's twin planet.


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