Beatboxing Priest Gavin Tyte Raps The Story Of The Nativity (Video)

Beatboxing Priest Gavin Tyte Raps The Story Of The Nativity (VIDEO)

Meet Reverend Gavin Tyte, the beatboxing vicar who uses an altogether different technique to spread the good word: hip-hop and multimedia design.

Just take a look at his latest effort, The Beatbox Nativity, which sees Reverend Tyte - a.k.a. "TyTe" - dressing up as an angel and a shepherd to bring the story of the birth of Jesus to life.

The 39-year-old married father-of-two lives in his parish of Uplyme and Axmouth, Devon, where he regularly incorporates beatboxing into his sermons.

He's so good at what he does that he even offers beatboxing tutorials online via YouTube. Then again, he has been dropping "phat beats" since he was eight, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised.

This particular video is a reworking of a rap he wrote last year, reinvisioned so it can be entered into the The Nativity Factor competition - a talent contest that asks its applicants to retell the nativity story in as inventive way as possible.

We haven't seen the other entrants, but so far, Rev. Tyte's got our vote. The man's a hero - a hero who can rap far better than we could ever dream of - even better than 2-year-old Kahliyl...


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