Fans say Drake “could easily have passed on this one.”
The hip-hop legend, who was admitted to intensive care, is said to be in a stable condition.
The hip-hop commentator and former Hype Magazine editor has been working on the documentary since 2017. It is a prelude to a web series.
Er, the bits of Twitter comprising Drake fans, that is...
'When it comes to social media, I'm not the very best at logging on and tweeting how I feel, or posting how I felt, or just showing my life in general. But I think it worked to my advantage.'
Sjava got the award for his contribution to the 2018 'Black Panther' album for his song titled 'Seasons'.
Why should the moral reckoning fall to people like you and me?
Hip-Hop commentator Fred Kayembe says that SA's hip-hop scene is still at a tender age and should be given the time to grow and explore its unique sound.
He is building a repertoire of becoming the only SA hip-hop artist capable of selling out venues and stadiums.
Pusha T dropped a diss track on Drake, and nothing was the same.