The Best Christmas Playlist Ever*

The Best Christmas Playlist Ever*

*May or may not be true

If you're anything like us (we're assuming you are) you will be spending at least one afternoon in the very near future decorating your living room with all manner of accumulated sparkly business and getting progressively more, erm, festive with the help of a bottle of sherry and a fabulous Christmas playlist.

What's that? You don't have a fabulous Christmas playlist? Well you do now! Scroll down to find out more...

Team MyDaily's personal selections:

1. Fairytale of New York - The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl (Managing Editor Phebe)

Fairytale represents both the starry eyed hopeful side of Christmas and the booze-addled bitterness the season can bring. It is also an excellent choice for a karaoke duet AND a Tesco Christmas advert acoustic...

2. Last Christmas - Wham! (Editor Libby)

Marcus very nearly ruined this for everyone during the X Factor finale but thankfully the magic of George and Andrew's original endures and the song escaped intact.

3. Driving Home for Christmas - Chris Rea (Assistant Editor Katie)

Possibly the most positive account of being stuck in a traffic jam that has ever been released. It's kind of a Christmas version of Country Roads by John Denver.

4. All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber (Senior Writer Sarah)

This is the danger of inviting everyone to pick a song. There's always ONE PERSON who decides to be hilarious. This reworking of a classic is a travesty. A travesty with product placement and out-of-control sexy Santa-ness.

5. Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) - The Darkness (Entertainment Writer Philippa)

"Feigning joy and surprise at the gifts we despise over mulled wine with you." The Darkness pair an upbeat tune with marvellously cynical lyrics. Kind of like The Cure.

6. Santa Claus In Coming To Town - SO MANY PEOPLE (Editorial Assistant Amy)

The Wikipedia page reveals this to be possibly the most covered Christmas song ever having been sung by everyone from Alvin and the Chipmunks to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Here's the Jackson 5 version:

And four more, just because:

7. Merry Xmas Everybody - Slade

If this hasn't been played, regardless of what Baby Jesus tells you, it's just not Christmas.

8. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard

Back in the day, Wizzard's Christmas offering played second fiddle to Slade's Christmas Number 1. Nowadays, life is a lot fairer and we like them equally. (Fast fact: This is one of the few songs to feature children singing and remain acceptable.)

9. Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas - Eels

If you like Eels you'll like this. If you liked Ash you'll like this. If you like reindeer and snow and things that aren't Eels and you don't believe Baby Jesus was born to rock you'll probably be less keen.

10. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Darlene Love

Even if you don't know this one or can't remember it after half a pint of mulled something-or-other you'll be able to sway gently and repeat "Christmas" over and over again. And, to be honest, that's really what this season is all about.

You can even find a handy dandy playlist over on Youtube if you fancy listening to them all one after another. Obvs there are more than ten AMAZING Christmas songs so don't forget to leave us a comment with your own personal favourites!


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