12/12/2011 16:01 GMT | Updated 18/07/2013 22:57 BST

The Most Intense Taekwondo Fight Ever: Tiny Martial Arts Goes Viral (Video)

Two toddlers take their positions, the tiny martial arts students marshalling strength as they stare into the determined face of their opponent.

Padded helmets strapped firmly around their half-formed jaws, they lower their heads in the distinguished martial bow, a show of gentlemanly ritual before deadly combat.

Va href="" target="_hplink">The Most Intense Taekwondo Fight Ever appears to be striking terror into thousands of hearts, as the video goes viral.

One miniature formidable foot is raised and BANG! as the first toe hits the floor, the fight has begun. Springboard soles are a must, as the blanched battlers bounce on the gym floor.

The pressure is intense as their classmates watch from the sidelines, the martial art becoming almost a dance. These combatants are evenly matched, their ninja energy almost fizzing off the fight as they fail to come within an inch of each other.

The most intense taekwondo fight it's not, but it is very cute.