VIDEO: Harvey Nichols' Hilarious 'Walk Of Shame' Christmas Advert

VIDEO: Harvey Nichols' Hilarious 'Walk Of Shame' Christmas Advert

The new Harvey Nichols Christmas advert is definitely up there as one of our favourite ad campaigns of the year.

A sorry sight: A poor girl attempts the dreaded 'walk of shame' in the new Harvey Nichols Christmas advert. Photo: Harvey Nichols/YouTube

Like that John Lewis advert that's had everyone blubbing, this has swiftly become a must-watch on the MyDaily desk too - but for very different reasons...

The one minute video shows a handful of sorry-looking girls attempting the dreaded 'walk of shame' the morning after their various festive parties.

The advert comes along with the tagline: "Turn your walk of shame into a stride of pride" - finishing with a girl triumpantly skipping home in a dress that she's not embarrassed to be seen wearing the following day. (Complete with immaculate hair and makeup. We're yet to figure out that trick.)

We like this advert for three main reasons:

1.) We'd be lying if we said we couldn't relate to it (horrifying, but true.)

2.) It doesn't actually promote not having to do the walk of shame, just making sure you have a nice dress on when you do do it.

3.) For allowing us to take the screen grab above.

We're taking particular note of this ad today, on account of it being our work Christmas party tonight. We're going to try our hardest not to look like the girl above on our way to work tomorrow.

Check it out for yourselves here, and let us know what you think in a comment below!

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