16/12/2011 03:38 GMT | Updated 16/12/2011 04:09 GMT

Missing T In Widow Twankey Causes Red Faces At Aladdin Pantomime In North Tyneside

Theatre staff were left red faced after the letter T was missed out from Widow Twankey's name in their Christmas pantomime programme.

The mistake at the Whitley Bay Playhouse in North Tyneside was blamed on human error and has been corrected.

The misprinted programme was withdrawn and an apology made to theatre goers.

Widow Twankey is being played by BBC radio presenter Paul Harris in the Playhouse's production of Aladdin, which is running until January 2.

Father-of-two John Fletcher, 51, an accountant from the famous resort town, spotted the mistake last week.

He told The Daily Mail: "I checked their website and the character was listed as 'Twankey', so it was obviously an error.

"I thought it was quite funny but you wonder what would have happened if a child had picked one up.

"Not many kids would know what the word meant and I'm sure there would have been a lot of embarrassed parents trying to explain it to them."

Blue Genie Entertainment, the promoters behind Aladdin, said the printing company responsible for the mistake had apologised.

A revised version of the programme is now on sale.