Pantomime season keeps many theatres afloat, but without audiences packing them out, can the show really go on?
Christmas theatre goers have been dealt a devastating blow with the news that pantomime legend Christopher Biggins has announced
While I can laugh now, the portrayal of dwarfism in pop culture and entertainment can be damaging to young people coping with their condition in vulnerable early years. Growing up there were few, if any, positive role models in mainstream culture.
Katie Price shared photos of her daughter Princess dressing up backstage at a Sleeping Beauty pantomime. The 37-year-old
I write this because I am scared we are forgetting our humanity. Last night, someone called me asking for my support as they were being admitted to hospital. I did not think I should stay in bed and protect my assets.
It's that time of year again. Yes, it's time for the pantomime season and this December sees the Tron Theatre showcase their production of Miracle On 34 Parnie Street. Parodying a film classic, we are presented with Johnny McKnight's own unique take on everyone's favourite Christmas movie.
A man calling himself the "king of pantomime" described Rolf Harris as a consummate professional who never did anything inappropriate
With panto season in full flight, I was pleased to see Cold War hero and burger enthusiast David Hasselhoff playing Captain Hook at the Theatre Royal - in my native Nottingham. And it made me wonder about the public's relationship with villainous stars, and why certain individuals continue to court global success despite not actually being liked.
With plenty of free time on your hands over the Christmas break, there's not better excuse to pop down to your local London theatre.