Anti-Ageing Eye Cream That 'Takes Eight Years Off Your Face' To Hit The UK (VIDEO)

'Miracle' Eye Patch That 'Takes Eight Years Off Your Face'

With 12,000 beauty junkies already on the waiting list and ageless Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston rumoured to be a firm fan - the new 'facelift in a patch' eye treatment is set to cause a stir.

But does it really do what it says on the tin?

The Collagen-rich eye patch by Eye Secrets claims to reverse the signs of ageing by up to eight years in a speedy 15 minutes (the equivalent of reversing ageing by one year every two minutes), by repairing damaged skin around the eyes and keeping the area hydrated.

The magic patch also promises to eradicate dark eye circles and puffiness by 92% all for under £25 - much cheaper and (and less painful) than Botox, say the experts.

"The product can be used in the comfort of your own home and has no downtime, unlike cosmetic treatments which can not only be extremely painful but can leave you with a recovery time of up to seven days," a spokesperson for the brand has said.

To completely get rid of under eye bags and a higher, youthful upper eyelid, combine the eye patch with the Under Eye Tightener.

If you'd prefer to beat the signs of ageing the natural way, see our round-up of the 10 of the best anti-ageing herbs.

Watch the video below and see the 'miracle' eye treatment in action on Coronation Street actress, Michelle Collins.