anti ageing

Anti-ageing terminology and the creation of products suggesting that ageing is undesirable is as 'nonsensical as it is dangerous'.
Dear Dior, I love branded products as much as the rest of the women of the world. I am not rich by any standard, but when
The brand announced the news via social media last week to mixed reviews, including an onslaught of confused comments and
The word anti-ageing is being thrown around a lot these days and many people don't know how to feel about it. On one hand it's a dirty phrase, invented by skincare companies to shame women in to thinking lines and wrinkles make them ugly and undesirable, on the other hand it's there to describe products that may help to slow down the appearance of ageing on our skin.
The majority of the population believes that their ageing process is inevitable. Piling on the fat, losing muscle mass, developing weaker bones and joints are almost now accepted by the mainstream as part of life. Disease and illnesses sadly are becoming just something we associate with ageing and are considered to be part of the whole degenerating process.
Having the ability to reverse ageing seems more like a miracle than a medical possibility, but now a team of scientists claim
Because it's the truth. I, like everyone else you meet, don't see what you do in the mirror. You focus in on that one thing you dislike and think will make such a difference. I see your great skin, I see your quick humour in the lines around your eyes.
I think we need to re-evaluate what it is to grow older and place value on it. My personal wish is that the beauty industry would market products using a 'positive-ageing' message, highlighting the natural and ageing beauty that is in our faces.