This Is How Joanna Lumley Hasn't Aged A Day Since The 90s

The secret to looking Ab Fab costs £1.29.

Reprising her role in the new 'Absolutely Fabulous' film, Joanna Lumley appears to have defied all laws of time and gravity.

The 70-year-old actress still has flawlessly smooth skin and a jawline as sharp as her character Patsy's one liners.

But her youthful looks aren't down to those champagne-swigging, chain-smoking antics... apparently it's all the work of a £1.29 pot of face cream.

Anthony Harvey via Getty Images

In a new interview with the Sunday Times Style, Lumley revealed she's been using Astral Original All Over Moisturiser for more than 40 years.

"It comes in a little blue pot, cheap as chips – adore!" she said.


The actress, who is a vocal animal rights campaigner, also added: "It has never been tested on animals and is about the only thing I've never developed an allergy to."

If you fancy looking Ab Fab yourself, you can pick up a tub from Superdrug from just £1.29 now.

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