20/12/2011 08:38 GMT | Updated 20/12/2011 08:42 GMT

Super-Safe Gigantis: Luxury Christmas Gift For Bachelors (Pictures)

The ultimate Christmas gift for any self-respecting bachelor has to be the suggestively named “Gigantis”, a smartphone-controlled safe that features automatic watch winding, a cigar humidor, TV, stereo and bar.

This Herculean offering from Kudoe, Schli and Matz costs $240,000 (that's around £150,000) and can be customised in wood, leather or carbon.

For old-school oligarch's a “fine fur” covering is also available.

This luxury tech gadget is clearly designed for the super rich. Only in opulence could keeping one’s sixty watches continually wound be considered important.

With epicurean frontage, the cabinet stands six feet tall and five feet wide.

Its mini fireplace adds a warmth to the sleek design, while illumination panels spotlight luxury watches as well as ambrosial spirits in the “bar” section of the appliance.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that this German beast of a safe looks so good.

The company Kudoe Schli and Matz have been inspired by stalwart safe company Dottling who previously collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld to produce the Narcissus safe, a contraption described as “breaking technological and aesthetic limits”

The only thing that may counter the effectiveness of this safe is that it does seem a bit… well… conspicuous. However the panels remain dark until the owner plugs in the code, at which point it hums to life, a talking-piece amongst one's well-connected acquaintances.

Take a look at some more pictures of the Dottling creation below