Mark Wright Forced To Remove Tweets About Fatima Whitbread Left By Hacker

Twitter Trouble

Mark Wright has become the latest celebrity to have their Twitter account hacked.

The TOWIE star had to remove several dodgy tweets about his fellow I'm A Celebrity camp mate Fatima Whitbread, which were left by an imposter.

The tweets - one of which referred to Fatima's gender - were deleted by the Essex boy after his followers alerted him.

He told his fans: "Omg my twitter has been hacked guys I'm so sorry will be sorted soon".

Mark isn't the first celeb to have their Twitter account hacked.

It's happened to Britney Spears on more than one occasion. In 2009, hackers announced that the pop princess had passed away and just five months later imposters raided her entire Twitter page, replacing her wallpaper and leaving messages such as "I give myself to Lucifer every day for it to arrive as quickly as possible. Glory to Satan!"

And just this week, Lady Gaga had both her Twitter and Facebook accounts broken into by hackers who left a fake message promising free iPads to her millions of little monsters. But the only thing any of them would have got if they clicked on the link in the message was a potential computer virus.

Other celebs who have fallen victim to online hackers include Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, Marc Jacobs and Nelly Furtado.


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