23/12/2011 06:57 GMT | Updated 23/12/2011 08:16 GMT

'Homer Simpson' Stone Unearthed In Scottish Garden Could Be 800 Years Old

A Scottish couple have unearthed a stone head in their back garden – with more than a passing resemblance to TV’s Homer Simpson.

Rosalind and Donald McIntyre discovered the ugly gargoyle while clearing their garden in Fife, Scotland, earlier this year.

The couple took their bizarre find to the St Andrews Museum and it has now been referred to the National Committee for Carved Stones of Scotland, the Daily Mail reported.

Experts examining the find say it is likely to be “very, very old”, but admit they are “completely baffled” as to where the rock comes from.

Mrs McIntyre believes the stone could be from a former church built in the 13th Century.

She says many of the couple’s friends have remarked on its similarity to the yellow cartoon character, adding: “I think it is the shape of his head”.

She told the Daily Record: “If you put your finger into his mouth, you can feel all the ridges and his teeth.

“There is no word to describe it other than ugly but we have become quite attached to it.”