Why Hating Brussels Sprouts Could Be In Your DNA

Why Hating Brussels Sprouts Could Be In Your DNA

Researchers say there's a genetic explanation why some people love Brussels sprouts -- while others would rather eat a rubber shoe with their Christmas dinner.

Scientists from the Eden Project have been testing a theory that a love or hate of the divisive vegetable comes down to your DNA.

It's been claimed that a particular mutated gene -- which is present in about half of the world's population -- decides whether or not we will like sprouts.

People with the mutation are said not to taste the bitterness of the Brussels sprouts, caused by a bitter chemical similar to PTC (Phenylthiocarbamide) and are therefore more likely to enjoy them.

A spokesperson for the team told the Metro: (http://www.metro.co.uk/news/885718-if-you-hate-brussels-sprouts-it-could-be-in-your-dna-say-scientists) "Christmas dinner isn't usually associated with science.

"This hands-on project helps to do exactly that, as it explores why some people like and some hate Brussels sprouts."

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