31/12/2011 10:13 GMT

Celebrity Divorces: Love And Heartbreak Stories Of 2011

This year has been quite a year for surprise celebrity hook-ups, controversial splits and costly divorce battles.

Just before the year is out, British comedian Russell Brand announced that he and his pop star wife Katy Perry are to divorce after 14 months of marriage, as well as Ultimo creator Michelle Mone, who is divorcing her husband of 22 years.

But what about the love stories of 2011? Well, there were plenty of those too.

To reminisce over the love and heartbreak stories of 2011, we've asked the expert Head of Law Amanda McAlister, Family Law Barrister Janice Mcguire and Relationship Expert Kim Millar to offer open advice and their predictions on what the loved-up or estranged celebrity couples should do next.

Love stories and heart break of 2011