John Bercow Attacks 'Appalling' Treatment Of Homosexuals Worldwide

John Bercow Attacks 'Appalling' Treatment Of Homosexuals Worldwide

John Bercow has attacked regimes around the world for persecution of homosexuals, in a New Year message to the gay rights campaign group the Kaleidoscope Trust.

According to PinkNews, the Speaker of the House of Commons said it was "appalling" that people were being executed for being gay.

“In places there have been arrests and convictions for being gay, with prison sentences of many years being meted out for these so called 'crimes'," he said.

“In other parts the clock has actually been turned back and homosexuality has been made a criminal offence for the first time.

He added: “Most appalling of all there have even been reports of executions of men accused of homosexual offences.”

Bercow is proud of his support for gay rights, and recently featured the rainbow flag and pink triangles on his newly minted coat of arms.

The London based Kaleidoscope Trust, of which Bercow is honorary president, was launched in September to promote diversity and respect for all regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

David Cameron recently threatened to withhold development aid from governments that do not ditch legislation banning homosexuality.

Being gay is still illegal in many countries, including 41 of the 54-member Commonwealth - largely as a result of laws left over from the time of the British Empire.


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