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Including sporting legends, TV greats and a certain Line Of Duty baddie.
Grayling stunned, chief whip embarrassed, Johnson furious. But what's the next plot twist?
Calls for reform to ministerial code as PM will act as judge and jury.
Tory cabinet minister insists "parliament is a better place" without the former Commons Speaker, who is facing several bullying allegations himself.
Authorities warn former speaker against publicly naming parliamentary staff in his autobiography without their permission.
Politicians drawing conclusions publicly before independent investigations have concluded risk devaluing the entire process, investigative journalist Lucinda Day writes.
Shadow foreign secretary says Labour should not “pack the House of Lords" with close staff of the leader.
David Leakey, who served as the senior Commons official, claims Bercow would be "jumping up and down".
Former Commons speaker hits back at claims from senior parliamentary official David Leakey, who was Black Rod.
Labour deputy leadership candidate says party members must have a say in choosing peers.
Former speaker has been accused by his former most senior official.
The former Commons Speaker and ex-Tory MP may have to join Labour to get a seat in the House of Lords.
Opposition sources declined to comment on the claims.
Bercow, who attended a comprehensive school, said Eton-educated Cameron has the “most enormous, probably public-school-instilled, self-confidence”.
Ex-Commons speaker no longer has duty to remain impartial.
Labour deputy leader Tom Watson is among the latest of more than 60 MPs quitting.
New chair hints at more transparency and sharing duties with other senior MPs.
Deputy Speaker picked by MPs to replace John Bercow, who stepped down in October after 10 years in the role.
Lindsay Hoyle and Harriet Harman are among the contenders to replace the Commons stalwart.