03/01/2012 08:02 GMT

January Detoxing Is Pointless, Warns Liver Charity

Embarking on the obligatory New Year detox after a boozy festive season? Don't bother - the January detox hype will make no difference to your health, warn experts.

The British Liver Trust advises those planning to go cold turkey, to have a longer-term attitude and abstain from alcohol a few days every week throughout the year, rather than just one month, if they want to see real health benefits.

"People think they're virtuous with their health by embarking on a liver detox each January with the belief that they are cleansing their liver of excess following the festive break," says chief executive of the BLT, Andrew Langford.

"A one-hit, one-month attempt to achieve long-term liver health is not the way to approach it. You're better off making a resolution to take a few days off alcohol a week throughout the entire year than remaining abstinent for January only."

The British Liver Trust advice follows their Love Your Liver campaign, which encourages people to keep their liver healthy - all year round.

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