Fishing Under Ice In Finland Video 'Takes On Laws Of Nature', Goes Viral On YouTube

VIDEO: Fishermen 'Walk' Under Frozen Lake

This video shows divers "fishing under ice" beneath lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland.

It’s difficult to determine how the scenes in the mind-boggling footage were even possible, as they seem to contradict all laws of science.

The “fisherman” are able not only to “walk” on the lake’s frozen floor, but also “pour” water from bucket to wheelbarrow.

There seems to be a layer of still water pooling around the divers’ ankles, as they lift buckets of the liquid and pour it into a wheelbarrow, which lays mesmerisingly still on the lake’s floor.

However watch more closely, and it's possible to notice the bubbles from diver's mouths are going the wrong way. The footage has actually been turned upside down.

The lake “floor” is actually its frozen surface: the divers are walking upside down on the ice. Their dry-suits squash a layer of air next to their skin, providing them with buoyancy, propelling them close to the ice and allowing them to walk on it

What looks like water is actually air, and the wheelbarrow is kept suspended by being filled with air: watch towards the end where they empty the barrow and it “floats” towards the surface (it actually sinks to the bottom.)

The video has proved popular on YouTube with thousands of viewers gaping at the footage. However one viewer has pointed out: "Where are the fish?"


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