Zermatt Avalanche: British Holidaymakers Trapped In Swiss Resort

Zermatt Avalanche: British Holiday Makers Trapped In Swiss Resort

Hundreds of British holidaymakers were trapped in a Swiss resort after an avalanche stopped travel in or out.

Snow has covered the train track and roads leading to the popular ski resort of Zermatt, and poor weather means that helicopters are also unable to take off, a spokeswoman for the local tourist board said.

Belinda Hadden, 53, said she and her friends had missed their flight home to London this afternoon and believed other Britons would be similarly stuck.

She said: "I had no idea until I went to the train station and was told there was no way I was getting out. There are worse places to be trapped, but it is a bit worrying that we are properly stuck.

"There hasn't been snow like this since 1999, there's been a metre alone today."

She said she believed the avalanche had taken place at around 1.30pm local time.

The spokeswoman for Zermatt Tourism said rail staff had been unable to dig out the train tracks this afternoon but would assess the situation at 8.30am tomorrow.


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