Norwegian Mother 'Drowned Baby Girl In a Bucket Live On Skype As British Boyfriend Watched Online'

Yasmin Chaudhry, 26, told police she wanted to know how to discipline her baby for waking up and “disobeying her”, The Sun reported.

Chaudhry, who also has a five-year-old son, called the emergency services after realising her daughter had stopped breathing, claiming she had fallen into the bucket by accident.

She has denied wanting to kill the child in October 2010, as has her boyfriend, who lives in Britain.

Officers from Oslo questioned Chaudhry’s boyfriend with the help of Scotland Yard just before Christmas.

The boyfriend, who is not the girl’s father and who has not been named, became romantically involved with Chaudhry over the internet but had only met her once.

Norwegian police prosecutor Kristin Rusdel told the newspaper: “They have the same story but with some differences.

“She says he instructed her to do it, whereas he says that they more or less figured it out together after talking about how to discipline her.

“He admits he saw it over the internet but the intention was never to kill her. They were both scared and decided to cover it up”

Chaudhry’s son was taken into care after her arrest and yesterday she was remanded in custody until 4 February.

Preliminary murder charges have been filed against her boyfriend and police are reportedly considering extradition.

The dead child's father now lives in Pakistan and is "very shocked", the Telegraph reported.

If convicted, Chaudhry and her partner could face a minimum of eight years in prison.