09/01/2012 12:53 GMT | Updated 09/01/2012 12:55 GMT

Who Will Update Your Facebook Status If You Die?

How are you going to update your Facebook status when you're dead? This real (after)life problem has a solution thanks to the iDie Facebook app.

Ideal for those who feel compelled to broadcast their every snack, night's sleep and outfit change, iDie allows you to leave a status update or video behind even after you kick the bucket.

Share your poignant last words and video in the app, then once three approved trustees report your death, your status will be posthumously updated with your auto-epitaph.

The upbeat introductory video makes it clear that this is no macabre app for the gloomiest Facebook users. Death may be right around the corner for any of us, the cheery voice says, and the app is pitched as your chance to make the most of it.

Managing your social media profile after death is a new and very real problem for the socially-networked.

Who wants "urgh I hate this job", or that shot of you taking one last unnecessary tequila shot to be what you're remembered for? Your latest tweet and status update could be how the virtual you is remember forever if you went under a bus today.

iDie is the latest in a raft of ways to manage your online reputation once you slip off to the big social network in the sky. There are plenty of other ways to micro-manage your online reputation in the next plane.

Legacy Locker stores your passwords, giving access to a loved one in the event of your death. They can then use your password to leave a message to friends who might not be close enough to know you've left this mortal coil, and then close down your profiles.

Asset Lock shares more than your online details, it can also share details, passwords or locations of bank accounts with a trusted loved one.

A more traditional and legally-binding will can also be written online, via services like Ten Minute Will.

The iDie app team suggest leaving a joke behind, or settling a long-held score. What would you leave behind using the iDie app?