09/01/2012 14:44 GMT | Updated 09/01/2012 16:13 GMT

Kristy Bamu Witchcraft Murder: Teenage Boy Tortured To Death For Wetting The Bed

The sister of a boy tortured to death "for being a witch" said her brother was targeted by a sibling after he wet the bed, a court heard on Monday.

Kelly Bamu broke down at the Old Bailey as she recalled events which led to her 15-year-old brother Kristy Bamu's horrific death. Kristy was allegedly subjected to a "prolonged attack of unspeakable savagery and brutality" by his older sister Magalie Bamu and her partner Eric Bikubi.

Last week jurors heard how Kristy had suffered 101 injuries by the time he died on Christmas Day in 2010.

Kelly, 21, wept as she came face-to-face with her sister and Bikubi, both 28, who deny murdering the teenager.

He was found drowned in a bath at the couple's flat in Forest Gate, east London, after being attacked with hammers, pliers and chisels, according to the prosecution.

Brian Altman, QC, told the court Kristy was tortured with an "armoury of weapons" and "begged to die" after four days of continual beatings.

Kristy's face and head were covered in deep cuts and bruises and his teeth had been removed, the court was told.

The prosecution alleges Kristy and his two brothers and two sisters were beaten and terrorised for four days.

Kelly, the first witness in the trial, said she and her brothers and sister had come to London from their home near Paris to spend Christmas with Magalie.

There had been a "nice atmosphere" for the first few days until she heard a commotion in the kitchen where the couple were with her brothers.

She sobbed: "I didn't see anything but I heard some noise - it was from morning to night time.

"There was a noise like there were plates falling." Speaking via an interpreter, Kelly said the noises went on and off but she never discovered what they were.

"I begged [Bikubi], we didn't do anything, we are innocent. [Bamu] didn't argue at all. It was as if it was completely normal. She was just sitting there as a spectator.

Kelly added: "Kristy asked for forgiveness. He asked again and again.

"Magalie did absolutely nothing. She didn't lift a finger and she was convinced that we did bad things."

Asked what had caused the incident, she said Bamu told her: "The reason was Kristy had wet his pants.

"He tried to hide his pants in the kitchen and that is what triggered everything."

She looked over at her sister in the dock and added: "All over a pair of pants. You are an idiot."

Kelly continued to tell the jury: "I am sure she still believes even to this day, that we are witches.

"She didn't give a damn. She said we deserved it."

As the questioning continued, Kelly again broke down and shouted through her tears: "Magalie deserves to die for what they have done.

"I have no pity for her. She had no pity for us."

The slightly-built young woman, with her hair piled up on her head, was only 20 when her brother died.

She said she was born in France but her parents were from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She said she and they were aware of the African term kindoki for witchcraft, but did not believe in it.

The pair, who deny murder, reportedly accused another girl of witchcraft two years before the incident. According to the prosecution, they accused 19-year-old Naomi Ilonga of sorcery and forced her to cut her hair off to "release the witchcraft".