17/01/2012 09:50 GMT

Acrobatic Dog Balances On Chain For His Master (VIDEO)

We've all heard of dogs balancing food on their noses, right? Well how about a dog balancing... on a chain. That's right, it's a dog on a chain - but not in the way you're thinking.

Like some sort of canine ninja, he just sits there on his haunches, staring at his owner as he raises his hands up and down like a Jedi master.

The video, called "acrobatic dog" on YouTube, has quickly gone viral just two days after it was first uploaded, appearing everywhere from Buzzfeed to The Daily Telegraph.

Annoyingly, there's still no news on who this Jedi dog master really is - and the only quote we have from him is that he "did not think it was anything special..." and hadn't put it on YouTube before.

A dog, balancing on a metal chain held between two posts... isn't special? Okay, it's not "shooting" a ferret with a "gun" or Fenton bounding through Richmond Park, but it's close man, it's close.