18/01/2012 06:25 GMT | Updated 25/01/2012 03:26 GMT

Brazilian Big Brother: Daniel Echaniz Removed Over Suspected Rape Of Monique Amin

A contestant on the Brazilian version of Big Brother has been removed from the house as part of an investigation into the suspected rape of a fellow housemate as she slept.

Daniel Echaniz, 31, is alleged to have forced himself on Monique Amin after she reportedly passed out drunk during a party.

Night cameras filmed Echaniz climbing into bed with Ms Amin before appearing to have sex with her. A seven-minute video of the alleged attack appeared on YouTube, although it was quickly taken down.

Ms Amin, 23, appeared to have little memory of what had happened when she was quizzed in the diary room the following day.

She was subsequently interviewed by police, and evidence – including bed sheets – was seized from the house.

Police spokesman Edileide Macedo said: “The young woman denies she was raped and has not pressed charges.

“We continue to investigate the case because it is a public matter.”

If found guilty of rape, Echaniz could face up to ten years in jail. He has not been arrested or charged with any crime.

A statement from Globo TV, which broadcasts the show as a part of a joint venture with Endemol, said: "Chief of Police Antônio Ricardo Nunes, head of the 32ª Police Department of Rio de Janeiro, has been at Globo TV production centre to listen to the questioning of student Monique Amin and model Daniel Echaniz.

"They were both seen in intimate scenes at Big Brother Brazil 12, images that generated suspicion of sexual abuse.

"During her testimony, however, Monique said she was aware of the facts and acted deliberately.

"Globo TV looked into the facts once suspicion began, and all early indications pointed to similar scenes of past editions of the reality show.

"After evaluation, Globo TV decided to remove Daniel in order for him to also provide formal information to the police.”

"The producers of the show determined that the participant's behaviour was inappropriate and prevent him from returning."

A spokesman for Endemol said: “Big Brother in Brazil is produced and broadcast by Globo TV as part of a local joint venture with Endemol and we have been kept informed by them about developments surrounding Brazilian housemates Monique Amim and Daniel Echaniz.

"Yesterday Globo TV issued a statement to press announcing that Monique has testified to police that what happened between her and Daniel was consensual. We have also been informed that she has chosen to continue her participation in the series and has returned to the Big Brother house.”