Mars Rocks Fall In Morocco, Scientists Confirm

Mars Attacks! Martian Meteorites Land On Morocco

Rocks from a meteorite shower which fell on Morocco are from Mars, scientists have confirmed.

The 15 pounds of rock fell to Earth last July, but were only discovered at the end of December.

It marks the fifth time in history that scientists have chemically confirmed Martian meteorites that people have witnessed falling to Earth.

The discovery is significant because so far no Nasa or Russian spacecraft has returned bits of Mars, so the only samples examined have been brought to Earth through meteor showers, AP reported.

The rocks are rarer than gold, and as a result are worth ten times as much.

Former Nasa sciences chief Alan Stern said: “It’s Christmas in January. It’s nice to have Mars sending samples to Earth, particularly when our pockets are too empty to go get them ourselves.”

Known Martian meteorite falls happen only once every 50 years or so, the Daily Mail reported.


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