18/01/2012 05:23 GMT

Native American Apache Mangas Colorados Faces Swansea Court Over Illegal Badger Paws

A 60-year-old man has appeared in a Swansea magistrates’ court charged with keeping dead badger paws and bird wings.

Mangas Colorados arrived dressed in full native American Indian garb, including a headband, suede boots and a tassled jacket.

He is accused of storing the animal parts at his home but had denied the offences under the Protection of Badgers Act and the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Anne Griffiths, defending, told magistrates: “My client is part of a native American Apache tribe. His belief means he travels abroad and lives in these communities in the summer.

“My client will say that the badger paws were, in effect, road kill and the wings were found in a field.

“Due to the complex nature of the evidence we would submit there is a need for expert defence witnesses.”

Mr Colorados, who reportedly refers to himself as a snake wrangler was given unconditional bail.

The hearing was adjourned until next month.