18/01/2012 15:10 GMT

Severed Head Found Beneath Hollywood Sign

A severed human head has been found beneath the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California

Two women found the head on a hiking trail in the miles of parkland below the 45 foot tall letters that spell out 'Hollywood'.

They were were alerted to its presence after their dogs began to play with the plastic bag and the head rolled out, late in the afternoon of Tuesday 17 January.

It is reported to be the head of an Armenian man in his forties, with “salt and pepper hair”, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The condition of the head seems to indicate that the man was killed recently. Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Karen Rayner told Reuters that police were able to make this assessment in part because the head had not been bitten by animals.

Los Angeles Police will continue to search the surrounding areas after sunrise on Wednesday 18 January, using cadaver dogs to see if the body is close by. There are 53 miles of equestrian paths and hiking trails in the Hollywood Hills

A sketch of the head is likely to be released by police soon.